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Engineering and Hardware Suppliers,Manufacturer of All Types of Industrial Brushes


Our production and manufacturing process have been improving constantly over the last 45 years, and now we pride ourselves on quality of production and speedy delivery to our customers as our core value.

Berlin offers an array of abrasive brush products in various standard and custom engineered brush constructions

Twisted Brushes

Twisted Brushes are particularly suitable for de-burring recesses and holes in O-rings.

Strip Brushes

The structure of a strip brush comprises a metal U section in which the bristles are secured by means of a metal core wire and a metal band.

These brushes are produced from high quality materials which are resistant to all weather conditions.

Roller Brushes

This unique system can be used in various applications such as washing, transporting, degreasing, pressuring, powdering and sweeping.

Scratch Brushes

Our product breadth includes hand scratch and wire hand scratch brushes, a favorite tool of welders, platers’ brushes, anilox brushes

Paint And Parts Cleaning Brushes

We stock parts cleaning brushes for everything from rigorous engine block cleaning applications to delicate seam sealing.

General Cleaning Brushes

The wood, plastic or wire handles come in various shapes, are easy-to-grip and are designed for comfort.


With our experience we know almost all the markets with their specific needs. So we are able to support you in the most professional way.

Berlin provides a variety of twisted, disc and rotary brushes for Maritime.


Berlin brushes are utilized in electronic


Berlin has expertise in supplying the best quality solutions for industries such as food processors in produce. Our brush products are an integral part in the automated machinery.


Staple set brushes can be specially designed with a variety of filament choices, density and hole pattern combinations depending upon the needs and specific material handling and transfer requirements.

food packing

Berlin has been providing quality brushes of many types to the road cleaning industry.


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